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Modern English Teacher blog

MET blogger David DodgsonModern English Teacher's resident blogger David Dodgson has worked in ELT for 20 long and fruitful years.

He has worked in Kazakhstan, Bahrain, Turkey and Gabon, gaining experience with young learners, adults, EAL students and exam preparation classes, and holds an MA in EdTech and TESOL and the Trinity DipTESOL.

Having spent all of that time abroad, David is currently relishing the challenge of teaching in the UK for the first time as EAL Coordinator in a leading independent school.

He started blogging several years ago as a way to reflect on his teaching and learning experiences and has also written for publications like MET, ETp and TESL-EJ. You can find his personal blog at

David’s interests include supporting learning with technology, and teacher self-development. He also uses digital games as authentic materials for language learning, and blogs about it at




Not so much beyond the walls as down the corridor

6 Reasons for Using Coursebooks (from a teacher who doesn’t usually like them)

Having looked back at how his approach to lesson planning has changed over the years, MET blogger David Dodgson this month (in conjunction with our current Modern English Teacher issue on using coursebooks) revisits the on-going materials debate. After many years of extolling the virtues of being coursebook free, he this time considers the debate from the other side and examines the benefits of published materials.