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Noticing through song

Author(s):Daniel Costa

This article describes the process of using a song in class as a means for learners to notice aspects of the language. This learner-centred activity could fit into most courses.

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The stories they tell

Author(s):Yi Wang

Yi Wang describes how she uses her present and former students’ stories and conversations as scaffolding for her teaching in her beginners’ classes.

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Grammar without pron . . . is like food without taste (Part 2)

Author(s):Adrian Underhill

Adrian Underhill presents a list of ten activities for raising students’ awareness of pronunciation along with their ability to speak and listen .

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4 Misconceptions about Pronunciation

Author(s):David Dodgson

Inspired by the January 2018 issue of Modern English Teacher and a recent debate in his teaching centre, MET resident blogger David Dodgson addresses some common misconceptions about teaching pronunciation, and suggests some quick and easy ideas for incorporating more pron work into our classes.

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Fact, opinion or saying: the perfect minimalist lesson

Robert McLarty describes a low preparation lesson with high yield.

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The principles of materials writing

Author(s):Katherine Bilsborough

Are your materials localised? Do they really suit your learners? Are they appropriate? Katherine Bilsborough looks at some of the principles behind writing.

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Speak the speech I pray you ...

Author(s):Meg Shovelton

Do your students dislike eye-contact, struggle to articulate ideas, find it hard to speak clearly in a discursive context and generally appear ill-at-ease. This article explores some solutions.

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Applying the research

Author(s):Naheen Madarbakus-Ring and Stuart Benson

In the first of a series, Naheen Madarbakus-Ring collates three profiles from Victoria University in Wellington which describe their research and subsequent teaching application.

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Unmasking the validity of exams

Author(s):Mark Smith

Students do not always understand the rationale behind assessments and exams nor what useful subskills are being tested. By being clear with your class they can become more motivated.

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