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Grammar tap

Author(s):Josh Kurzweil

Josh Kurzweil describes a way of helping students practise and remember key structures

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Grammar instruction and the communicative approach – an unlikely pairing?

Author(s):Biljana Naumoska-Sarakinska

Is it possible to teach a communicative approach whilst insisting on grammatical accuracy? Biljana Naumoska-Sarakinska offers her opinions on which approaches work best for her.

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Grammar without pron . . . is like food without taste (Part 2)

Author(s):Adrian Underhill

Adrian Underhill presents a list of ten activities for raising students’ awareness of pronunciation along with their ability to speak and listen .

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4 Misconceptions about Pronunciation

Author(s):David Dodgson

Inspired by the January 2018 issue of Modern English Teacher and a recent debate in his teaching centre, MET resident blogger David Dodgson addresses some common misconceptions about teaching pronunciation, and suggests some quick and easy ideas for incorporating more pron work into our classes.

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Fact, opinion or saying: the perfect minimalist lesson

Robert McLarty describes a low preparation lesson with high yield.

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Three nightmares become beautiful dreams

Author(s):Glenn G. Dahlem

Raising awareness of this part of English vocabulary can be a very useful and engaging activity. Glenn Dahlem explains his approach.

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Teaching doctors to write: from IELTS to OET

Author(s):Norman Whitby

Norman Whitby looks at the Occupational English Test and suggests it is a good alternative to IELTS for doctors and nurses because of the context.

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The importance of teaching advanced grammar explicitly

Author(s):Tatjana Marjanović

Advanced English grammar can seem extremely complicated. Who needs this level of knowledge? When should it be taught?

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Kinetic English

Author(s):Rachel James

Looking for ways to make your teaching more lively and your students more dynamic? Rachel James has a wide range of activities on offer.

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Understanding the purpose of summaries in relation to assigned tasks

Author(s):Roy Edwards

Do your students really understand how to write summaries? How can you help them? Roy Edwards starts a three-part series.

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