Have you been taking full advantage of the reading and listening texts in course books? Do you feel confident enough to design your own reading and listening tasks? How can we teach reading and listening skills whilst making our lessons effective, as well as engaging and fun?

Reading and listening skills are a key aspect of language learning, but it can be challenging to actually teach these receptive skills, rather than simply test what learners can already do. To help ensure learners are truly learning to process the information they are receiving when listening or reading, Rubens suggests 5 tips for teaching listening and reading skills.

Looking for additional support to help you use authentic listening in your classroom (as suggested in tip 4)? Take a look at Integrating Authentic Listening into the Language Classroom by Sheila Thorn, which offers practical guidance on how to teach real-life listening. You can also explore Chiara Bruzzano’s recent blog series on designing and conducting an authentic listening course.



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