Our Rights Department will be happy to help you with any rights or permissions queries. As we receive a lot of requests to license our content, don't worry if you don't receive an immediate reply - you should expect to receive a response within 6 to 8 weeks.

Due to the administration involved we usually do charge a clearance fee when granting permission and the fee we offer will be determined by the intended use. Once permission is granted you will receive an invoice and a license agreement. Please note where we do grant permission this will not be valid until we are in receipt of the fee and the agreement has been signed.

In order for us to process your rights or permission query within the advised time frame, please supply a copy of the Pavilion Publishing and Media material you wish to use and a copy of the content our material will appear in, including scripts if applicable as either Word documents or pdfs. Before submitting your enquiry, please check the imprint page of the publication you're requesting permission for to identify the author, its ISBN (unless it is web-based content only), the publication date and the product it appears in. Please also complete the form below: [Insert the request form as a downloadable option - the macros are required to make the form work so do include them] Then email the completed form and all related material (as specified above) to ~~Kirsten Holt, Head of Pavilion ELT ~~kirsten.holt@pavpub.com Ellie Thackway, Head of Marketing ELT Ellie.Thackway@pavpub.com


Rights and Permissions form