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Take control of your professional development with MyCPD, the new online tracker from Modern English Teacher


MyCPD  is an online tool which enables you to be autonomous and effective in your professional development, pursuing the topics that you need to cover, at your own pace, in a variety of formats and keeping everything in one place.

Brought to you by Modern English Teacher and English Teaching professional  and available to both individual and institutional magazine subscribers, MyCPD  is a digital tool that tracks the reading, research and reflection you’re doing both from within our magazine content and also from outside of our publications.

MyCPD  is an effective way of recording your own professional development or the perfect tool to support every member of your team with their specific professional development needs.

Getting started with MyCPD  is so easy…

Accessing MyCPD

To access MyCPD, sign in to the MET  website, hover over your name and then click on the MyCPD  logo in the drop down menu. 

MyCPD login


Saving an article to your MyCPD log

Enter a piece of content into My CPD  from Modern English Teacher  or English Teaching professional  using the on-page button.

How to save an article to your CPD log

Review your entries

When you log into MyCPD  you will see the pages that you have entered. If you are also a subscriber to English Teaching professional  you will also see any pages that you have entered from that website. You can also add content from other sources including links to other websites as well as documents, pdfs, images, and audio and video files.

MyCPD homescreen

Update an entry in your MyCPD log

You can enter all kinds of information in the log for each piece of content, including the duration of the work done, the reasons for undertaking the CPD work and how you’ve applied the learning in practice.  This really helps you focus on how to get the most out of your research.

Completing a CPD entry

Check your progress at a glance

On the main page you can see various statistics about your CPD from the latest entry date and the number of logs completed to the total number of hours you have spent on your CPD.

Your CPD record

Export your CPD log

MyCPD cuts down on your workload as completed log entries can be exported into a Word document with one click for evidencing to your manager or ready for an inspection.

Export your CPD record