Do you want to optimise the time in the classroom and make homework more motivating to students? Have you ever tried giving homework ahead of class? Whether you have or you haven’t, watch Ruben Heredia’s latest vlog for Pavilion ELT to learn more as he takes you through five tips to flip your English lessons to help you get the most out of your classes, whether you are working live online, dealing with face-to-face lessons (and perhaps social distancing), or doing a mix of the two in hybrid teaching.

In a number of his previous vlog posts, Rubens has spoken on a few other aspects of online teaching that may help you with flipping lessons. To help you feel better prepared for online teaching and more confident in choosing apps for online English lessons, watch 8 Tips on How to Teach English Online; to learn how to improve the quality of online English lessons and engagement of students, using communicative methodology, free online tools and authentic materials revisit 5 ways to make online lessons fun and effective, and to find out how to get the most out of using videos in your lessons, and learn whether you are using the right type of video content for today’s learners go to 5 tips to use videos in your English lessons.



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