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In the current issue of Modern English Teacher...


A note from the editor, Robert McLarty


Project-based learning

Thinking, researching and presenting
Edmund Dudley offers some ideas for integrating projects.

Project-based learning – A Fundraising Experience
Farrah Jin, Vivian Lang and Jin Yoon describe a recent project carried out with adult learners.

Students’ dream school: ideas from the experts
Alison Shepherd reports on a secondary project she ran recently.

From one teacher to another, a practical guide to project-based learning
Fatima Taha describes using this approach with one of her classes.

You’ve got a story to share?
Sachiko Nakamura discusses some features of digital storytelling for language learning.

The effects of storytelling: a teaching tool like no other
Christina Nicole Giannikas describes the benefits of storytelling with young learners.


Professional development

Cooperation and collaboration in ELT
Andrew Boon continues his exploration of opportunities available to institutions.


Classroom research

Promoting gratitude among learners
Jeffrey Dawala Wilang describes the importance of learners’ appreciation.

Students’ perceptions about oral corrective feedback
Thu Tran considers the usefulness of various types of feedback.

Questioning questions
Mark Trevarton questions the effectiveness of questioning techniques in the EFL classroom.

We have ways of making you talk better
Stephen Reilly describes some self-monitored classroom research.

Conversational or
instructional discourse

James Pollard reports on a study on the way teachers speak in the language classroom.


Practical ideas

Weaving creativity into instruction
Mohamed Elhess suggests a range of ways to encourage creativity in learners.


In my opinion

‘Yellow blue bus’ – or how to say ‘I love you’ to your Russian learners
Aida Sahutoglu offers advice on dealing with students from Russia.


Teaching refugees

Teaching and learning English in a refugee camp
Alba Gallardo considers some key issues to consider in this vital teaching context.

Teaching the untaught
Daniela Prataviera looks at issues involved with developing a training course for volunteer teachers working with refugees in the UK.


In my opinion

Teacher or cultural attaché?
David Matthews argues that it is important to give a realistic view of a country rather than the textbook one.

Teaching mini groups
Nick Moore and Stacy Kot discuss the principles of teaching mini classes (3–5 students).



Reviewing an adaptive online language test
Seyed Abdollah Shahrokni looks at a new free proficiency test.


Business English

Are you ‘flaming’ someone?
Ben Dobbs offers advice on writing emails with the right tone.

Academic writing: a Chinese perspective
Christopher Redmond highlights some issues faced by some of his first-year students.


Using technology

Flipped writing classes using
Edpuzzle: lessons learned

Derek Wong uses an online platform as part of an experiment with flipped learning.



Roger Gower

A book I’ve used
Perspectives (Intermediate)
Clare Henderson

ETpedia Technology
Elizabeth Hollis-Watts

A Syllabus for Listening – Decoding
Wayne Rimmer


Background books

Motivational Teaching
Alison Carse

How Vocabulary is Learned
Jonathan Marks


Summary of books reviewed