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In the current issue of Modern English Teacher...


A note from the editor, Robert McLarty


 Classroom research

G7 principles of practitioner research
Jonathon Ryan describes the ideal context for embarking on classroom research.

Action research in the English language classroom
Thu Tran explains why action research is beneficial for teacher professional growth.

CLILing me softly
Jacqueline Douglas experiments with content based teaching.

Classroom research: rethinking testing
Miranda Hamilton describes using scaffolded assessment with her low-level learners.

Learner-generated material – is it worth the effort?
Alison Crooks investigates the benefits of learners creating their own exam preparation materials.

Effective strategies for managing young learners in class
Adrienne Walder describes her research into young learner behaviour.

Classroom research as a way of improving your courses
Mark Lawrence describes how he combines student feedback with his own reflections to develop his courses.

Facilitating reflective and collaborative learning in EAP
Anthea Fester and Dilani Gedera investigate the use of ePortfolios.

Classroom research as a part of teacher-trainer development
Alison Shepherd describes using Lesson Study to improve teacher training practice.

English medium instruction: a case study of lecturers’ beliefs and practices
Roger Barnard and Zuwati Hasim observe classroom practice in a Malaysian university.

Feedback: what is it and who is it for?
Kat Robb considers learner preferences in terms of feedback.

Action research: improving attitudes to writing in class
Cassandra O’Sullivan Sachar describes a way to improve learners’ writing.

‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ again?
Françoise Thomas and Guy Walker argue that it is time teachers began to focus on the ‘object aspect’ of a document.

Can translation improve EFL students’ grammatical accuracy?
Carol Ebbert-Hübner and Clare Maas report on their research into this area.

Professional development

Cooperation and collaboration
In the first of two articles, Andrew Boon looks at these two important aspects of professional development.

Reflective spaces for language teachers
Daniel Xerri discusses the importance
of reflection and where it can be done.

The beauty of failure and disappointment
Daniel Xerri discusses a topic many teachers deal with on a daily basis.


Young learners

Music in lessons
Solomon AU YEUNG reflects on how songs can help the language learning process.



Grammar instruction and the communicative approach – an unlikely pairing?
Biljana Naumoska-Sarakinska offers her opinions on which approaches work best for her.



Empowering learners through critical pedagogy
Ekaterina Arshavskaya describes the ideas of applying the ideas of critical pedagogy.

Academic writing: a Chinese perspective
Christopher Redmond highlights some issues faced by some of his first-year students.


Using technology

A modern take on an ancient art
Flora Debora Floris and Willy A. Renandya describe how students can use technology to help tell stories.

Cisco Webex Meeting Center: a window for e-learning
Daniel Costa describes one of the many global online teaching platforms.


In my opinion

Integrating gender and sexual diversity in the English language classroom
Simon Dunton explores the reasons for LGBT topic-inclusion in English language learning.

Who’s afraid of transparent teaching?
Stephen Reilly discusses ways of making lesson observation more interesting and useful.


Teacher training

Horses for courses
Karin Krummenacher advocates differentiation and flexibility on initial teacher training courses.



Roger Gower

A book I’ve used
In Company 3.0 Logistics
Brian Brennan

Helbling Readers (Classics)
Neil McBeath

Mobile Learning
Wayne Rimmer

Penny Ur’s 100 Teaching Tips
Clare Henderson

Background books

International Perspectives on ELT
Roger Barnard


Summary of books reviewed

What's new