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In the current issue of Modern English Teacher...


A note from the editor, Robert McLarty


Learner-centred approaches

A round table on learner-centred approaches
Robert McLarty leads a discussion on this important topic.

Power to the learner
Kat Robb suggests how teachers and learners can benefit by switching the focus.

A learner-centred approach
Nick Michelioudakis describes where and when he uses it.



Small teaching: predicting
Hall Houston and Andrew Starck discuss aspects of small teaching in the first of a series.


Teaching listening

Listening – beware the smiling-class imperative
Richard Cauldwell introduces two factors which are preventing students from improving their listening skills.

Stop press! Using effective listening strategies in Academic English
Naheen Madarbakus-Ring describes her approach to teaching listening skills.


In my opinion

Off the mat and into the classroom
Laura Hadwin reflects on the transferability of yoga to English teaching.

Exercise as a form of professional support
Daniel Xerri describes the need to encourage teachers to keep both physically and mentally fit.

Teaching grammar

Grammar tap
Josh Kurzweil describes a way of helping students practise and remember key structures.

Learning difficulties

Supporting learners with dyslexia in the ESL classroom
Jennifer Yates looks at an area of concern to many learners and teachers.

Teaching reading

Better reading for learners
Craig Thaine revisits some of the traditional views on improving reading skills.

They need to read
Linda M Hanington and Willy A Renandya put into action their beliefs about extensive reading.

Classroom research

Developing oral skills through poetry
Eun Seon Chung describes a research project she is planning with young learners based around poetry.


Balancing accuracy and fluency
Thu Tran suggests ways of getting clear outcomes from oral communication classes.

The beauty of the interdental fricative
Simon Carruthers explains why learning a language is not only about communication.


In my opinion

To teach or not to teach poetry in the ESL classroom
Mohamed Yacoub argues passionately about the benefits of writing poetry in class.


Exam preparation

Chinese students: how they cope with IELTS Speaking & Writing
Austin Liu describes their results and some potential solutions.


Professional development

Teacher developing four years on
Mark Rooney and Catherine Thorpe show how their programme has succeeded over the last four years.

Reflecting on our experience
Ekaterina Arshavskaya describes the use of the MBTI personality test with her learners.


Practical ideas

Exploiting infographics
Lucas Kohnke and Billy Chan suggest a more creative approach to writing.


Business English

Using SWOT in Business English training
Ben Dobbs suggests ways of using this analytical tool in the classroom.


Professional development

10 things you can do with a decision
Keith Harding describes the importance of this key skill.



The importance of rapport in the classroom
Leslie Forrest suggests ways to build, maintain and renew it.


Business English

The importance of English
Aloysious Clement and Murugavel Thanikachalam report on a study in India.


Roger Gower

A book I’ve used
Solutions Advanced (3rd edition)
Wayne Rimmer

Unlock – Basic Literacy
Sandee Thompson

From Rules to Reasons
Ben Naismith

ETpedia: Materials Writing
Brian Brennan


Background books

Best Practices for Blended Learning
Anthea Fester

Second Language Pragmatics
Rory O’Kane


Summary of books reviewed

What's new