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In the current issue of Modern English Teacher...


A note from the editor, Robert McLarty


Teacher development

If you want to be a manager
Robert McLarty uses a Kipling poem as a means to describe the highs and lows of a manager’s life.

The path less travelled: from manager to teacher
Peter Brereton describes his career and the opportunities offered to him.

Pounding surf: managing an In-company teaching operation
Brian Brennan describes some of the issues he faces running an in-company Business English school.

So, you want to be a summer DoS?
Matthew Hallett offers some insights into the world of vacation courses.

How can I motivate my staff?
Nick Michelioudakis discusses his own personal strategies for keeping staff engaged.

Innovative entrepreneurship in ELT
Daniel Xerri stresses the importance of having new ideas, being innovative and putting them into action. 

Vive la différence?
Interested in the difference between secondary and tertiary management? David Hall describes his transition from one to the other.

Too busy to read this?
Edward Alden looks at ways of monitoring your tasks and time to better manage your workload.

ELT management survey
What is the hardest thing about being a manager? What’s the best thing? What makes a good manager? Find out from this survey.

Why coaching is essential
Ben Dobbs and Michelle Hunter present some useful coaching tips and techniques. 

ELT Footprint – steps towards a greener profession
Christopher Graham and Katherine Bilsborough describe a new ELT community.

Inspiring Teachers
Danny Hauger describes the characteristics of an inspiring teacher.

Business English

Teaching SWOT in the Business English classroom
Richard Gabbrielli offers some interesting activities based around SWOT analysis.


How much ‘A’ does an EAP course need?
Robert McLarty describes activities which are suitable for both general English and EAP classes.

How to build your vocabulary
This article offers a range of activities aimed at increasing learners’ vocabulary.


Developing alternative listening assessments
Stefan O’Grady describes a new approach to listening assessment.


Strategies to augment reading comprehension
Thu Tran suggests ways of making reading more engaging.

Teaching ideas to develop speaking competence
Robbie Lee Sabnami discusses ways to improve students’ thinking and oral skills.


Why should we be so learner-centred?
This article discusses whether a learner-centred approach is appropriate for all students.

Can young learners be agents of their own learning in ELT?
Silvia Panossian describes how she developed real student-centred learning.

Communication apprehension in the Indian English language classroom setting
This article offers tips on reducing student anxiety in the language classroom.


Hall Houston and Andrew Starck describe making connections as part of small teaching.

Focus on form
Dan Costa investigates the reasons for focussing on form.