January 2018

Modern English Teacher

Volume 27


Issue 1




A note from the editor, Robert McLarty


Grammar without pron… is like food without taste
Adrian Underhill takes us through some new ways of really putting pronunciation at the core of our teaching.

Putting vowels on the map
Mark Hancock invites us to explore the English vowel system.

ID(2)EAS for teaching pronunciation
Robin Walker comes up with some memorable ways of dealing with pronunciation.

A pronunciation answer key
Jonathan Marks provides answers to ten important pronunciation questions.

EAP learners and pronunciation: dealing with comprehensibility
Craig Thaine looks at an aspect of EAP which is often overlooked.

The child friendly International Phonetic Alphabetk
Jonathan Lee describes how he approaches teaching phonology to young learners.

Using acceptability as a goal for pronunciation teaching
Marty Pilott argues that intelligibility is not always enough when pronunciation is judged in the real world.



Designing lessons based on video narratives
Jonathon Ryan introduces a new kind of video experience for learners.

An integrated skills approach to speaking and listening
Kat Robb suggests some activities for improving listening and speaking which students will find engaging.

Mark Dawson-Smith describes an essential tool to use when preparing listening assessments.



Paper-free and resource-light business communication training
Ben Dobbs considers some minimalist approaches to resources.

Three steps to master the art of storytelling in an ESL lesson
Anna Oğuz describes three different approaches to this well-used activity.

Tips for the speaking part of IELTS
Rory O’Kane offers some advice for the oral test.

Be quiet and learn: information processing and perceptions of silence
Avril Day discusses the value of silence in the classroom.

Professional development

How meditation can make us better teachers
Ushapa Fortescue gives some insights into an interesting way of avoiding burnout.

Teacher autonomy. How much ‘freedom’ can a school give to the individual teacher?

Edward Alden looks at the constraints which affect a teacher’s autonomy.

The beauty of failure and disappointment
Daniel Xerri discusses a topic many teachers deal with on a daily basis.


Using technology

‘Can I use this music?’: Keeping your videos legal
Christina Rebuffet-Broadus talks us through the administrative aspects of video-making.


English for Academic Purposes

Fostering critical thinking in the language classroom
Thu H. Tran offers his ideas on how to raise awareness of this very important skill.

Integrating language support into a mainstream degree programme

Mark Lawrence describes a way of offering engineering students an engaging language course.


Practical ideas

Duoethnographic projects in the language class
Robert Lowe describes how this research method could be adapted by teachers as a form of project-based learning.



Roger Gower

A book I’ve used
Pronunciation Pronpack (1–4)
Brian Brennan

Classroom Community Builders
Sandee Thompson

Studying in English: Strategies for success in higher education
Edward de Chazal

Background books

Reflecting on Critical Incidents in Language Education
Wayne Rimmer

Research in Language Teaching and Learning
Rory O'Kane

Summary of books reviewed

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