Here at English Teaching professional we recently had an enquiry from Peter regarding the relative worth of MA and Diploma-level qualifications in ELT. Thinking that an MA would be the last qualification that he would ever need to take and that it would ‘trump’ a Diploma (being a university qualification, one that took longer to complete and the more expensive option), Peter embarked on an MA TEFL, only to be disappointed when it turned out to lack the value that he initially thought it would have. He found that in most cases, potential employers seem to prefer the Diploma to the MA.

Over the years, we have published several articles in ETp on ELT qualifications, particularly MAs and Diplomas. In Issue 74, Amy Lightfoot did a comparison of the two, looking at the advantages and disadvantages, the costs, convenience and recognition of the two qualifications. In the same issue, Fiona Copland looked at how to choose an MA course and recommended doing some research first. In Issue 38, Karen Bond had advice on taking a distance MA.

We would like to hear from you about your own experiences of ELT qualifications. What has been your experience of the relative value of the Diploma and MA? Which, if either, do you hold and how has it benefited you in finding a job? If you are an employer, which qualification are you looking for in job applicants?

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