In this vlog post for Pavilion ELT, Damien Herlihy turns his focus to Pavilion’s ETpedia Series. This year, the series is celebrating its 10th anniversary, so each of Damien’s vlogs will look in more detail at one book from the series. From there, Damien will zoom in to focus in more detail on a list of 10 ideas, and relate them to his own classroom experiences.

In this episode, he looks at ETpedia Teacher Training. This book gives 500 pointers, ideas and activities for new and more experienced teacher trainers. Observations are a huge part of teacher training, so Damien takes a deep dive to explore how to run a successful observation.

We would love to know your experiences with teacher training, as well as hearing how this post has made you reflect on your own training and/or which ideas you have found most useful. Do let us know in the comments under the vlog or below our shares on the Pavilion ELT social media.



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