This series talks about the concept of using the internet as a virtual textbook (to get the full low down on the concept watch the introduction video here).

This episode, Damien Herlihy, looks at habits. Reading for five minutes on any given day won’t have much impact on a student’s English. But times that by 365 and you have an English reading habit that could have a big impact on their success in English.

By the end of the episode, you’ll have a working knowledge of three habit-tracking tools to help your students improve their English outside of the classroom.

Links for the tools discussed in the video can be found below (note HabitHub is an Android app and wasn’t demoed in the video but it has a similar functionality to Tally for IOS):

1) Habit Tracker Template

2) Tally or Habit Hub

3) Habiticia


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Thank you to Habitica and Tally for permissions to demo their apps in this video