In this vlog post for Pavilion ELT, Damien Herlihy focuses in on the latest issue of the Modern English Teacher (Issue 32.5, September/October 2023). The theme is ‘professional development’.

In this episode, he looks at the article, The Matrix of Time, by Daniel Costa. Damien talks about the ‘Eisenhower Matrix’. A time management technique that can help teachers across all aspects of planning. To help bring the matrix to life, he illustrates a number of ways to use it drawing on his time as a teacher, director of studies, and even a vlogger. And in doing so, you will see how you might be able to use it in your teaching context.

We would love to know your experiences with using time management techniques, as well as hearing how this post has made you reflect on your own teaching and/or which ideas you have found most useful. Do let us know in the comments under this vlog post or below our shares on the Pavilion ELT social media.



Costa, D. (2023). ‘The Matrix of Time’. Modern English Teacher, 32.5. Shoreham-by-Sea: Pavilion Publishing.