In this vlog post for Pavilion ELT, Damien Herlihy turns his focus to Carol Read’s new book, Teaching and Learning English in the Early Years (Pavilion Publishing, 2023).

He starts by giving an overview of the book, then drawing upon his own classroom teaching experiences and that of the teachers at his school, he picks out five chapters relevant to his/their teacher development. By doing so he highlights how useful the book can be for both seasoned and inexperienced teachers of very young learners, as he demonstrates how he would have put, and is putting, Carol’s ideas into practice.

We would love to know your experiences with teaching very young learners, as well as hearing how this post has made you reflect on your own teaching, and/or which ideas you have found most useful. Do let us know in the comments under the vlog or below our shares on the Pavilion ELT social media.



Read, C. (2023). Teaching and Learning English in the Early Years. Shoreham-by-Sea: Pavilion Publishing.