In this month’s vlog post for Pavilion ELT, Damien Herlihy continues his professional development (PD) series for 2021. You can see the introduction to the series here, look back to his advice on giving instructions in the English language classroom, learn how to use the magic of storytelling with your classes, recap ways to upgrade your classroom management to hit the right notes and check out how to incorporate Action Research in Language Teaching via the links provided.

In this episode, he focuses on Zoom. I know, know you probably have Zoom fatigue, but it’s always worthwhile to look back at old tools with fresh eyes. This vlog post will show you some ways you might not have thought of already for using Zoom to teach language and save you a few headaches along the way!

Also, please let us know how the series is making you reflect on your own teaching and/or what has worked well for you in the comments under the vlog or below our shares on the Pavilion ELT social media.



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