This series talks about the concept of using the internet as a virtual textbook (catch up on the first three episodes here: The Internet as a Virtual Textbook: An Introduction, Habit Tracking and Reading).

In this episode, Damien Herlihy looks at listening and focuses on how students can improve their decoding skills outside of the classroom. Students can often feel frustrated with listening in English. One such student – Anna – quoted in Richard Cauldwell’s book, A Syllabus for Listening – Decoding, said this about listening lessons:


“I’ve hated the underuse of the material. I’ve… answered three silly questions … then someone tells me patronizingly that the rest doesn’t matter. Well it does if I want to learn the language.” p. 46


To help reduce your students’ frustrations with listening, I’m going to show you an online tool called Tubequizard. This tool helps students to practice their decoding skills outside of the classroom to become better listeners.





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