In the first part of the episode, Damien discusses the tricky question of how many words learners need to know in English. He suggests they use MyVocabularySizeTest to get a better idea of how many words they already know in English.

He then provides a framework for learners to decide on what new English words are important for them. Finally, he suggests some different types of vocabulary flashcards which could be used with an online flashcard program like Quizlet.

This episode forms part of the Pavilion ELT vlog series talking about the concept of using the internet as a virtual textbook (catch up on previous episodes here: The Internet as a Virtual Textbook: An Introduction, Habit Tracking, Reading, Listening, Speaking and Grammar.

Please let us know how the series is making you reflect on your own teaching and/or what has worked well for you in the comments under the vlog or below our shares on the Pavilion ELT social media.



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